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Name : Micro Loan Instand Loan APP in India
Last Updated : 14 month ago
Package : com.miss.love.wel
Size : 3.8MB
Version : 2.0.0
Installs : 660
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Micro Loan Instand Loan APP in India is rated 8 out of 10 App in Finance category. The App gives the multiple user friendly features on Finance for Android Phones. For more informations about Micro Loan Instand Loan APP in India you could visit Akshay Safary official website. Micro Loan Instand Loan APP in India Android is available in .apk file with us, Download the App package free of cost. Recently the version updated to 2.0.0, you can find the old version of this com.miss.love.wel.

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The App is installed more than 660 times on our online portal. The Size of apk file is 3.8MB for Android, for less size you can try lite version. Related and alternate pro Apps for Micro Loan Instand Loan APP in India are PUBG LITE, Mi Pay, Amazon Pay, OkCredit, Top Cash, PhonePe UPI Recharges Investments Insurance, etc.

If you meet financial problem, Micro Loan will help you out of trouble. Micro Loan is a Loan APP in India which helps users solve temporary financial problems. You, a user, can apply for a loan on Micro Loan which’s amount up to Rs150,000 and term as long as 300 days. And you can grow your loan amount through repaying on time. -- The feature of the loan * Loan Amount: From Rs3,000 to Rs150,000 * Loan Term: From 120 days to 360 days * Annual Percentage Rate (APR): From 16% to 28% * Processing Fee: 3% ~ 12% of loan amount -- A example of loan If you get a loan as below: Loan amount: Rs10,000 Loan term: 120 days Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 20% Processing Fee: 5% If the loan is processed 1) We will transfer Rs10,000 to your bank card 2) You should repay within 120 days since we issue the money 3) Total repayment amount is Rs11,157.53, the details are as below 3.1) Principal = Rs10,000 3.2) Interest = 10,000 * 20% * 120 / 365 = Rs 657.53 3.3) Processing fee = 10,000 * 5% = Rs 500 -- Who can apply the loan? * India Resident * 22 ~ 50 years old * Monthly income should grater than Rs20,000 -- How to do? * Register an account * Submit personal Info and get credit * Apply a loan and get money — Why Micro Loan? * High loan amount * Low interest rate * No hidden charge * 7/24 loan service * 100% online processing Micro Loan Security: Your data is safe with our secure server. It is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection to us, and we do not share it with anyone without your consent except the lenders. Contact Us: Email: [email protected]

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Micro Loan is an instand loan APP in India.

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